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CTO / Digital Solution Architect

We are a newly spun out highly profitable and fully funded corporate start-up (Summer 2020).

We are in the midst of transforming a consulting business model into a fully-fledged digital and SaaS-based software model. We have clients and an existing business running today, and now we are going digital aiming for the global market.

We are looking for

The challenge is to build our tech-stack while we are delivering the product to our clients. We need you –  a real digital architect Rockstar talent of any age and any background. As long as you are as capable and groovy as the rest of us.

  • You have the technical oversight to make decisions that will allow us to grow quickly for the first six months
  • You can lead us safely into an enterprise level maturity with a deep respect for security, performance, and stability
  • You will help us refine an insightful roadmap for our technological platform and the architecture of our products
  • You balance speed of growth and make a foresight into scalability
  • Your guidance will help us build our products with the proper mindset, on well-chosen technology and by guiding principles that will support our business
  • You have experience from SaaS products, and you are comfortable building and scaling global cloud solutions
  • A spot-on plus is experience with digital solutions for desktop users (B-2-B) and/or engineering background with 3D modelling, but not mandatory since the team cover this experience

You will be one of the first people onboard going towards our 2023 target of breaking 100 high performing engineers and developers delivering a world class proprietary engineering and software solution to 250 global industrial companies.

We operate without formal management structures, as the team relies on smaller ad hoc teams to drive improvements.  You will be expected to assume a leading role because of your skills, experience, and personality – not because of rank or title.  If you do that well, the road to be seen as the team CIO may be short.

As a person, you are an inspiration to the rest of the team, who needs to look up to somebody who’s equally comfortable in presenting ideas to the team and with getting into the details as a part of the development team (writing the code, designing the architecture, mapping the solution). You are ignited by the opportunity to give birth to new products and watch them grow.


We have proven our intellectual property merit with heavy hitters in product development across industries and geography. We advise clients on how to improve the design of their physical products, from the best carmakers to the people that deliver life-saving medical treatments to the dedicated guys and girls bringing renewable energy solutions into the world. We also help and nurture smaller start-ups, inventors, and companies to grow their business through breakthrough innovation products.

Our services support industrial product development in the field of robust design. We design and develop products, alone or in collaboration with clients, we help them improve their skills, through education or collaboration and we build their development frameworks to support better products and higher innovation levels. Our design suite will ultimately serve thousands of global industrial companies, with single services and integrated solutions – our aim is to have 50,000 individual users no later than 2025.

Our clients have different strategic agendas, but our core can support it – and even more so when we go digital. Our current client base counts 25 large companies, of which you will probably know 20, and a handful of X-clients of which you probably will know none – yet!

We had solid revenue growth and a 20%+ EBIT last fiscal year, despite COVID-19, and would be able to sustain a decent development speed using only internal funds. We are, however, fully funded for digital development for the next years with round two and three lined up from external sources. All the while growing a service business delivering the cash flow, clients, and lab opportunities for our design suite.

If you want to be a part of a team making your favourite car better or your favourite mechanical gadget even cooler, then come along and let us make a difference together.


You may like that we also have the ambition to become the happiest company in the world while doing it.

And not just Friday-afternoon-with-champagne, won-another-new-client kind of happiness. But the kind of happiness that comes from making a positive difference in the world and being part of a value-creating unit in society. We believe that happiness comes from freedom to be yourself and to realise your full potential. It comes from having the support of the people you work with. It comes from being able to bring your whole self to work. If we can make you happy and motivate you to give your best performance every day, you win, our clients win, and we win. We respect the fact that we are all different and need different things to succeed. We run hyper-flex work schedule if you want or need it, we practice feedback and support personal development. We also stop to celebrate successes, learn from failure, and tell jokes.

The primary office is based in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark near to shopping, public transportation, café’s, and restaurants. The office location has everything you need with open spaces, meeting rooms, great coffee, genuinely nice and healthy canteen, since we are co-working with a consultancy firm.

We also have a pad in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a place to crash in Stuttgart, Germany.

Applicants outside of Denmark

We are able to make a remote hire, if you are the truly spot-on candidate for this position. We can also assist with relocation if you would like an adventure and living in Copenhagen. We will get into a dialogue on the interviews of, how the best fit for both parties can be done.

We will need your motivational letter included in your CV. Our external headhunter Helle Nordved will be assisting us in this hire together with other positions. You are welcome to call Helle on +45 22197391 or send application/write to All inquiries will be handled in full confidentiality. The name of the client will be anonymous until the preliminary right match has been done, and you will sign an NDA to secure the clients confidentiality.

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