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Chief Commercial Officer

Dreamjob closed: VP of Sales

Role today: Head of Commercial

Relevant companies: All international growth companies

Educational level: HD Diploma in International Business, Business Administration & Management, Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme

Motivation: Professionalize, drive and build the Commercial area in complex international companies. Could be any industry from Energy, Shipping to Tech or to go into a generational handover for a venture capital firm. Full P&L is a must in next job.


  • Professionalization of Commercial areas, strong commercial understanding and can build the foundation for the next step(s)
  • Heavy and complex project/solution sales processes with complex technical products and services
  • Handling complex negotiation of contracts from 5 million to 1 billion USD to major and minor international clients in Denmark and abroad
  • Innovate current models to creative models and ways to do business e.g. in shipping
  • Ability to lead and motivate a team across professional disciplines like lawyers, engineers, salespeople etc. to develop and win business


  • Innovation
  • Complexity
  • Leadership
  • Drive customer focus internally
  • Develop business and people
  • Challenge status quo

Workplace: Zealand, remote

Languages: Danish, English

Salary estimate: Depends on the assignment

Availability: Ready – looking actively for next level opportunity

Want to hear more about this candidate?

Please contact Helle Nordved on +45 22197391 or

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