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CCO, CSO, COO – Scaleup

Dreamjob closed: VP of Commercial Growth

CCO, CSO, COO ready for the next scaleup

Role today: Chief Growth Officer, before also commercial roles

Relevant companies: All, though industrial and B-2-C not applicaple to experience. Saas companies very relevant. Track record of scaling up across the Saas, Tech and CLI industries.

Educational level: Selfmade

Motivation: Take the CCO role in a scaleup again, in a company with products which makes a real difference. Timing is right when the company needs to speed up and proof-of-concept of product(s), funding, and reasonable revenue is there. CCO, CSO, COO or Chief Growth Officer or similar will also be relevant in the right company/setup.

Talent profile: Strong on startup, scaleup, turnaround. Goal-oriented, leading, communicator, creates the connections within the bigger picture


  • 4 x creating the readiness for companies either in a startup, scaleup, turnaround
  • Strong commercial understanding and can build the foundation for the next step(s)
  • Great and relevant toolbox for speed
  • Data-driven management
  • New market entry and business scaling

Personal Values:

  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Ambitious
  • Orderliness
  • Fairness

Workplace: Zealand, remote

Languages: Danish, English

Salary estimate: Depends on the assignment, though 70-80.000 base per month + bonus (last bonus 2-300K yearly)

Availability: Ready from April 2022

Want to hear more about this candidate?

Please contact Helle Nordved on +45 22197391 or

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