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Helle Nordved

Helle Nordved founded the company in 2015.

Her objective is to provide premium support to clients in executing high-caliber recruitment at the strategic leadership level.

The services offered are concentrated on clients who desire their hiring managers to assume full accountability throughout the recruitment process, while also enhancing the hiring proficiency of these leaders. The rationale behind this requirement stems from the heightened necessity to attract suitable candidates precisely and punctually, thereby ensuring an exceptional candidate experience. If recruitment efforts persist without precision, organizations will find themselves losing the competition for talent and encountering greater impediments in attaining their strategic and business objectives.

Benefits for Leaders

  1. Attainment of heightened success within their spheres of responsibility
  2. Implementation of unbiased recruitment practices grounded in factual assessment
  3. Strategic emphasis to guarantee growth and retention
  4. Cultivation of robust onboarding skills
  5. Aptitude to adopt a proactive approach and exercise control over stakeholder management

Benefits for the Company

  1. Amplified concentration on key priorities
  2. Significant success rate in transformation endeavors
  3. Management of expectations through controlled processes
  4. Enhanced stakeholder confidence stemming from heightened transparency
  5. Improved avenues for communicating initiatives and outcomes

Helle possesses a track record of spearheading the establishment of new domains and divisions throughout her professional trajectory, thereby becoming intimately acquainted with intricacies and unpredictabilities. Should you be in need of embarking upon a new recruitment initiatives, we stand prepared to jointly devise a comprehensive strategy and plan that ensures advancement and goal attainment. Her experience spans across a diverse spectrum of hiring managers, enabling her to continually align with their maturity in recruitment practices and contribute to the cultivation of exceptional recruitment proficiencies.


Management by Nordved ApS in based in Denmark.

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